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grade 7 flangeFlanges are the building blocks of the connections. It is these flanges that keep two or more pipes stick together and it is the same flange that avoids the spacing and gaping between two pipes.

Jain Steel Corporation is the global manufacturer; exporter and supplier of the titanium grade 7 flange. The grade 7 flange is an irreparable quality and it is used to make the best and toughest connection between two pipes.

It is the high strength of the flanges that avoids the gaping between two pipes;these flange grade 7 keep the pipes together and hardly allow any water of fluid to slip out of it.

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Available with : Elbows, reducers, caps, tees, stub ends etc.
Inspection : in-house or the third party
Application : Petroleum, chemical, machinery, electric power, shipbuilding, papermaking, construction, etc
Standard : ASME SB 564
Size : ½” NB – 12” NB
Types : Blind BLRF, Weld neck WNRF, Lap Joint
Class : 150/300/600/900

Titanium Grade 7 Flanges Equivalent Grades

Titanium Grade 7 3.7235 R52400

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